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Ribnica canyon 

Following the phase of the tropical heating of our planet, there came an age called Kvartar, about two and a half millions of years ago. The era of frequent climate changes, also commonly called The ice age. It formed three significant glaciers in our region…


Jerečica – back to the roots 

For most chapters of my life, I can clearly name people involved and places where they took. If you would ask me, where my canyoning life started I would without any hesitation reply: “In Bohinj area, Jerečica canyon”. Truth to be told, it is not…


Gačnik in winter 

Since this winter is being far from generous with the snow in our country we decided that we will keep on canyoning. First it is good training for your fitness level and secondly, if you do it, you won’t forget all the techniques during the…


October Is My Favorite Color 

In my experiences, the best plans are non-existing plans. OK, I can’t afford not to have any plan at work, but for the weekend… Who is there to blame me if I just go with the flow?! And last weekend was something like it. I…


Northeastern Italy 2018 

I have a hard time saying no when somebody asks me for a favor. And this time it wasn’t any different when my friend Rebeka told me that she is really into becoming a canyoning guide and would like to learn as much about canyoning…


Rio Tralba and my new birthday 

It is quite common that I don’t keep a promises that I do for myself. For instance after adventure week in Sierra de guara, I promissed myself that I’ll be having relaxed weekend. But I could not do it, even if my body was in…

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