Miracles do happen. Our country was hit by some proper amount of snowfall in the last week. It was calling me and I had to go. Primary objection was Mt. Snežnik, with a long approach from the north and then sleeping there on the top in the hut. But my friend raised concerns that there is not enough snow to cover the dwarf pines and skiing can be a pain in the ass with those little buggers sticking out. So I had to get my Plan B out of the drawer. Mt Trupejevo poldne. Just the right amount of skinning (3 hours) and possible great snow. I’ve checked our local ski-touring portal and nobody did it in the last couple of days, so there is I chance that I can find some lines nobody has ridden yet. Hit the road jack.

Winter fairytale

And I literary had to hit the road with my touring boots. Since the snow starts at about 1300m I had to hike with the skis on my back for about 20 minutes. Then there was enough snow to put the skis on my feet and off I went.

It didn’t take long until my skis felt heavy. I immediately figured out the root cause. The snow started sticking to my skis and the walking was anything else but gliding through the snow. I removed the ski, removed the stuck snow and put the ski back on. It was good … For three steps and then again. I was just: Fuck it, I will walk with this “cokla” (as we call it).

And in a couple of minutes, I pass by a couple with their skis removed, exposing the skins to the sun. I just laughed and said – well, we all have the same problem I guess. They noddingly confirmed.

A couple returning from the mountain

But eventually, the snow became bored of getting stuck to my skins. And then everything became much easier. Time just flew by and I was on top of Trupejevo poldne before I knew it. I was amazed by the magnificent view. All the mountains were covered with snow and I could just plan the next destination I wanna do. I was most interested in how saddle “Kotovo sedlo” looks like. It is on my bucket list for this season. Keep your fingers crossed.

Reaching top
Top of Mt Tripejevo poldne

I have to mention all the ladies I’ve met today. There was a group of about 8 women guided by a young guy from Jesenice. He was the only one on skis and the girls were just following him. We talked and he said he is ski touring for the fifth day in the row. I wish I could say the same, but I can’t. However, he didn’t explain the haremful of women around him. Maybe it is his tradition that he guides them at 8th of March (International women’s day).

Big group leaving mountain top

And how was the skiing down you would ask? Amazing. Just amazing. I was surprised that there was still fresh powder waiting for us to take it’s virginity. I was filled with joy and every turn I made, made me happier. Skis were swimming trough the powder and it felt like I am skiing on the clouds. All the sweat and sticky snow paid off.

View towards Kotovo sedlo, my next major goal.

The only downside was the lower part of the trail, which is narrow and lacking snow. I had to put a lot of effort to control the speed of the descend. But beer at the end paid for this undertaking!

Views on the way back to the valley.

The final verdict? It was an amazing day. It turned out that Mt. Trupejevo poldne was a good choice for today’s conditions. But I can’t guarantee that it will be in the following days. Temperatures are rising and the spring is approaching.