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Weekend warrior:

A person who holds a regular job during the week which restricts their ability to go on trips/partake in awesome activities, and thus plans epic weekend adventures to compensate. As much variation and quantity of awesomness is packed into the weekends as physically possible, warranting the rest of the work week to recharge for the next weekend.

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Trupejevo poldne 

Miracles do happen. Our country was hit by some proper amount of snowfall in the last week. It was calling me and I had to go. Primary objection was Mt. Snežnik, with a long approach from the north and then sleeping there on the top…


Jerečica – back to the roots 

For most chapters of my life, I can clearly name people involved and places where they took. If you would ask me, where my canyoning life started I would without any hesitation reply: “In Bohinj area, Jerečica canyon”. Truth to be told, it is not…



I haven’t bonded with my father for quite some time now. I pay him a visit every other month but that’s it. And the last couple of times we saw each other we discussed about ski touring most of the time. And about photography, of…


Extended summer on Corsica 

Guide life. It is all fun and games until it comes to having a week off in the main season. But there is always a way to make summer a little bit longer if you travel somewhere else. And I can see only the positive…


“Paris is Always a Good Idea” 

Said Audrey Hepburn. It is no secret I live a double life. One as a weekend warrior and one as office rat, specialized in Splunk Enterprise platform. And sometimes it happens that even my real job takes me places I enjoy. This time it was Paris and it was for sure a good idea.