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My name is Žiga. As a kid I dreamed of descending the waterfalls and swimming in the crystal clear water. And for the last ten years I am living this dream. Canyons are filling me up with the energy that is required for day to day challenges that life serves on its plate.

I am in love with canyons and that’s why I decided to show the beauty of it to anyone that is curious enough. With lot of effort I passed the most strict canyon guide training there is and got the license from Commission internationale de Canyon – CIC. It gave me vast amount of knowledge that is required to guide anyone who is fit to do the canyon.

So you want to explore the canyons? You are more than welcome aboard. You can book me for your private tour, tour with friends or special photo-canyon expedition. With years of experience I can also teach you how to start exploring canyons on your own.

I have experience in the following locations:

  • Slovenia
  • Italy (Friuli, Belluno)
  • Switzerland (Ticino, Bernese Oberland)
  • Portugal (Flores Island – Azores)
  • Spain (Mallorca island, Sierra de Guara)
  • France (Alpes-Maritimes, Corsica island)
  • New Zealand (Haast Pass, Dart Valley)
  • Greece (Crete island)


Want to find out more?

Don’t be a pussy. Well if you want to explore the canyons, I guess you aren’t anyways… 🙂 Give me a call or send me an email and I will be more than happy to respond.


Phone: +386 51 35 45 00