This post will be a bit different than other. It will include much more photos than words. And no canyons. Just to have an idea what I did in those summer evenings to keep myself occupied. it was a cruel summer but hanging out with friends helped a lot. Thanks, guys!

It all started with SRT climbing competition of our Caving club.


When you push the last atom of your energy into the competition.


We also did some canyon rescue exercises with Slovenian Canyoning Association.


Another SRT ascent technique.


I was invited to do a photoshoot for Rossi Sport and


The weather was just amazing to play around with new CPL filter.


Evenings by Soča River are always a nice experience.


I’ve hosted some amazing Couchsurfers. This is Francesca and Bryce – The New Tourists. Amazing international couple that explored Slovenia and its sustainable tourism. We become real friends! Can’t wait to see them again.


Acroyoga – another thing on my to-do list.


I also got an opportunity to be the official photographer for Bovec Maraton.


A happy friend running. She looks more 24 than 42! 🙂


You know… Summer nights that seem to go on forever.


And then I found a new hobby…


And a friend who like it as well.


And then we had our Wednesday longboarding evenings.


Life is so much better with the wind in our hair.


She also introduced me to her boyfriend. What a mighty man! One of the last memories of this summer.


Nothing is eternal and the sun eventually loses his power. Nights become longer than days and it is time to put the shorts back into the wardrobe until next spring. Now it is time for warm clothes, mushrooms, bonfires, chestnuts, sweet hot chocolates, warm hugs, and golden colors. Let’s go outside and enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe it is about to become the best autumn of your life…