“Remember and never forget your November!”  All the colourful leaves are already gone, days are getting scarily shorter. Is there any reason why a person would like November? Everything depends on your attitude. You can hide in the corner in the position of an embryo and wait for it to pass. That’s the way I would handle it a couple years ago. But now I kick myself into the ass and I force myself to go somewhere. The alarm clock is set at 6am. I check the weather and decide about the daily activity.

Little pond in Tivoli park

There was one particular weekend when the weather was really bad. So I decided to take a photohike in the centre of our capital. Not a bad idea. In a couple of hours, I explored Ljubljana, discovered new coffee shop Mala pražarna, with a foreign owner that inspired me. Sabin from Romania decided to start his own business here. What a courage he has. I recommend you to grab a coffee if you are in the district. My hike continued and I discovered some marvels of the capital that were yet unknown to me. And I saved the best thing for the last – I did a little trespassing in our Railway museum. Abandoned foundry is particularly interesting.

Fall in the capital
Leafs, leafs, leafs.



Weekend without water? I dont think I can do without it…


Abandoned foundry


Can this switch turn off all the madness?


Such a sad scene to see this old train turning into rust.


Another day followed and the weather prognosis wasn’t that much either. So I decided to do the “wake up at 6 drill” and check how the things are looking. North-eastern part of the country would be dry until 1 pm. The best option was to visit Lovrenška jezera. Really nice couple of dark lakes on Pohorje plateau about 1700m above sea level. Really lovely hike that takes about an hour from Rogla. And if you want to make things even more interesting you can end your trip on the big lookout tower. Actually, it is a must if you are not afraid of height…


Mist and old trees. Like a fairy tale.


Lovrenško jezero


Lovrenško jezero


Remainings of a fallen solder.


The view from a lookout tower. As you can see the weather was barely holding together.

And there was another day that I needed to spend on my own with my camera. The morning weather checkout showed that the sky should be clear on the north-west of the country. Perks of living in the center of a small contry is that you can be anywhere in max 2 hours… 🙂 I wanted to go as high as possible and it seemed like the best idea was to hike up the Prisojnik mountain. I even had an idea to climb via ferrata “Kopiščarjeva pot”, but as soon as I get to Vršič mountain pass, I decided it is a no-go since there was quite some snow in the direction where via ferrata is located. So I went for a normal hike. Surprisingly there were not a lot of people that I meet during the day. 4 Croatians, 2 Slovenian women in their middle ages and 5 Italians. I was alone on the top and enjoyed the view. But of corse, you can’t hike up the mountains in nice weather without bumping into some so-called influencers. On the way down I bumped into Larisa and Primož, doing their photoshoot on Sovatna glava.


Mt Jalovec


Panorama on top


But first… A selfie


Famous Mt Prisojnik window.


Bye-bye… See you in snow!

If you have a will, than weekends in November pass by like there is no tomorrow. But what will tomorrow bring? It depends on you, the sky is the limit, my friend!