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Gačnik canyon 

There is a magic canyon, hidden in the woods in the middle of nowhere. It is called Gačnik. The longest Slovenian canyon and probably the most slippery one. I have explored the canyons around the Europe for the last 8 years, but Gačnik just didn’t…


Bike and canyon 

As a part time job I also work as a canyoning guide. In the last couple of years this market has become quite developed and in Bovec area there is lots of competition. Prices are dropping, people are guiding without guiding license – which is…

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How to recognise a weekend warrior? 

“He’s bonkers, I don’t think that much of him. He’s old enough to start a family but instead he’s always rambling around godforsaken places.” That’s what an older relative thinks of my lifestyle. Many weekend warriors put having a family on the back burner due…

Other Battles

Čisti vrh 

Sometimes, but really sometimes, it happens that my girlfriend is working on the day I am free. It happened today. And I had to use this time to do ski touring on my own. Since we had already two unsuccessful attempts to Čisti vrh this…