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Rio Tralba and my new birthday 

It is quite common that I don’t keep a promises that I do for myself. For instance after adventure week in Sierra de guara, I promissed myself that I’ll be having relaxed weekend. But I could not do it, even if my body was in…

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Tramping around Sierra de Guara 

First thing that you read about healing your heartbreak is to surround yourself with friends and family and keep yourself busy. I got a call from a friend suggesting I join the canyoning expedition to Sierra de guara. Well, it couldn’t be better timing. I…


Gačnik canyon 

There is a magic canyon, hidden in the woods in the middle of nowhere. It is called Gačnik. The longest Slovenian canyon and probably the most slippery one. I have explored the canyons around the Europe for the last 8 years, but Gačnik just didn’t…