Other It’s that time of the year that my life priorities shift a little. Not that I would prefer staying indoor, but I switch to H2O in another form – in for of snow and ice. As they say – ice is nice. And since global warming still didn’t hit us hard, we already got some snow in our pretty mountains. And of course, I had to check if it is still cold and fluffy enough. So we did a little hike to Debela peč – the mountaintop above Pokljuka plateau with amazing views to our highest peak – Triglav. My plan was to be there at the sunset or at least enjoy the top in the golden hour, but I miscalculated so no golden hour on top. But still, we enjoyed the sunrise on our approach hike. And probably, if our departure would be an hour earlier, my company wouldn’t be too happy about it. I guess it is better to have a good mood and average photos than good photos and an angry company. 🙂

Sunrise at Lipanca mountain pasture
Lipanca mountain pasture

So how was the snow? Amazing. I wished I could ski down the hill. But there was really not enough of it. Hiking was a good call for the day. And since we didn’t ski, we had another task – we practised locating the avalanche beacon. Like we say – training the avalanche rescue is never a time, that is thrown away. Another thing would be if we were from Dolenjska region, where people don’t need avalanche receivers – schnapps is enough – when they smell it, they get out of the avalanche snow mass on their own… 🙂

Hike to the top of Debela peč
View from the top with the Triglav mountain in the background
Avalanche rescue training