I have no clue what is wrong with this weather, but on 10th of January we still don’t have proper snow in our mountains. My ski touring skis are resting in their storage below my bed and I keep on being stoked after seeing the photos from Austria how the snow is being dumped there.

On the sunny side of The Alps, we have to improvise and hike around… And so we do it. On the following photos, you can find some ideas about where to go if winter continues to be this way.

Škofljica sandpit

Next to Škofljica we found an old sandpit. It was quite fun to play around with a camera.

Goli vrh

On the first of January we decided to wait for a sunset on top of Goli vrh. Nice mountain above Jezersko. About hour and a half hike.

And on top we meet a friendly local named Fritz (stric Fritz :)). Great guy, can’t wait to see him again!

And we also met his dog Tara. He says that Tara is his teacher for Slovenian language.

Peričnik and Martuljški slapovi (chasing waterfalls)

You can’t imagine Slovenian winter landscape photography without this beauty – upper Peričnik waterfall.

And this is it’s bigger brother – lower Peričnik waterfall.
Queen of the icicle kingdom.

And since we were already in the region we decided to see the lower Martuljški slap.